When Live Chat Users Should Switch to Chatbots

live chat vs. chatbot

Before Chatbots started gaining momentum and popularity, live chat boxes on your website were the best tool to add to your site to communicate with your visitors. While live chat is still an amazing way to connect with potential customers and assist your current users, we’ve learned that live chat is not what’s best for everyone. It’s time to start considering chatbots as a way to connect with your website visitors. I’ll break down when you should consider making the switch.

For those of you who don’t know, ArtiBot was created by Pure Chat. Yes, the same Pure Chat that provides live chat tools for businesses to use on their website. So, are we insulting ourselves here and dumping all over live chat tools? No, we still see that there are tons of valuable and beneficial reasons to use live chat on your website. However, we have also learned through experience that live chat isn’t for everyone. That’s where the idea for ArtiBot spawned. If you currently use live chat and your company can relate to the following reasons to switch, I encourage you to check out ArtiBot.ai.

You’re not getting a lot of live chats

This is the top reason Pure Chat customers leave us. A standard cancellation response we’ll get is, “We love the product, we just didn’t get a lot of chats.” We totally get it. The main reasoning for this is low website traffic. However, there are many underlying factors that could result in not getting a sufficient amount of chats.

An ArtiBot on your site is able to provide visitors with any pertinent data you’d like them to have when they come to the website. Point out your FAQ pages, link them to promotions and sales, and even accept payments for your products or services from inside the bot. A bot can do a lot more than a typical chat form can which provides the visitor more incentive to use it and provides you with more qualified leads than you were getting with just live chat on your site.

Since ArtiBot doesn’t rely on you being available to respond to chats, you are going to have a lot more opportunity to get more customers no matter when someone comes to your site. You can fully expect to get leads 24 hours a day, even if your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

You don’t have time to be available for live chats all day, every day

Not every company has the resources to have someone manning their live chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Heck, most of our users are small business owners and they barely have enough time to sleep, let alone make themselves available enough to get the most out of their live chat tool. Even larger businesses don’t have a full fledged support team to have someone available at all times. If you’re not available for live chats, then you basically have a fancy email capture form on your website. You’re not getting the most out of your live chat tool and you’re likely losing money on your live chat investment (especially if you’re not using Pure Chat which is free for live chat).

Here comes ArtiBot to save you on both time and money. Significantly. You can create a free bot on your website that can be designed however you want and present them with the entire conversation flow to capture the ideal lead. ArtiBot is not a traditional lead capture form that can be dull and boring and in some cases overwhelming. It will just be like they are having a conversation with your website and getting all of their answers from the bot.

You don’t have to sit around for these leads as they will be coming in throughout the day, every single day of the year. You can get alerted of new leads however you want thanks to our powerful integrations. This includes an email, a text, a mobile app notification or get alerted directly inside your own customer service tool using our Zapier integration. Then, when you get these leads, you can respond on your own terms. Then with features like adding your Google Calendar into the bot, your leads can schedule a time with you to get any additional info needed or get help closing the sale. Easily maximize your efficiency with ArtiBot and do it without needing to make yourself available each day.

Your company is in the services industry

Live chat tools weren’t designed with the services industry in mind. Websites for realtors, photographers, wedding planners and every other company looking to provide you a service now have a better way to interact with their website visitors. ArtiBot can easily let clients looking for your services know what it is you can do for them, provide more info on your packages and plans and let them know the cost of these services. All of this is possible without needing to navigate to multiple pages of your site or reaching out to you directly through a chat box you might not even be available for.

ArtiBot is sophisticated enough to integrate with any software you use so you can manage your leads from a familiar place. You’re too busy helping your current clients to chat live with potential future clients. Let your bot do the leg work in helping get you more customers and assist your website visitors. Lead generation for the services industry takes a huge step forward with the help of ArtiBot on your website.

Live chat is awesome and has its place, but sometimes, ArtiBot is just better. Sign up completely free anytime to check out the endless possibilities and start capturing more leads than ever before.

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