How to Create a Free ChatBot to Boost Lead Generation

lead generation

You’re starting to get traffic to your website and it’s a beautiful thing! Now, it’s time to start capitalizing on your website traffic and growth by acquiring more leads. There is no better way to do this than with AI-powered chat bots.

In just a few minutes you can sign up for a free account and setup a lead capture bot that can collect visitor information for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once you have signed up, you can start adding bots. The ArtiBot dashboard is where you will create and manage your bots. You can also view any and all leads that come in from here. We highly recommend starting with one of our pre-made templates that are visible when you go to add a bot to your account. These have been designed with that business type in mind.

Next up is customizing your bot settings and the conversation flow. You significantly increase your chances of capturing leads by making your bot match the messaging and style of your website. Your visitors will feel more comfortable using the bot knowing it’s directly linked to your site and your team.

You will see when you edit your template or add a question to a blank bot that you can fully customize all of the text. Do things like using variables to pull in their name, use custom messaging, and even add videos and GIFs to give the bot more life.

One question type you can also add is Multiple Choice. This will allow you to ask the visitor to choose from a list of options in order to then branch them to a different part of your bot conversation. Whether your visitor wants to buy or sell a house or they are looking for help with sales questions instead of support questions, Multiple Choice questions make your bot extremely versatile.

Be sure to also ask them to provide their contact information so the leads you capture can be acted upon and help you grow your business. Then to really impress your visitors and qualify those leads, you can add a scheduling tool that will integrate with Google Calendar.

Now you have your bot conversation setup and you’re prepared to generate leads on your website. It’s important that you take advantage of all the notification options available to you so you can act on your leads the moment they come in. Here are ways you can get alerted of incoming leads to your bots.

  • From the Settings tab of your bot will be a Recipients section. Here is where you will want to add who gets alerted of all of the leads that come into your bot. Each recipient can be added by email address and their phone number (SMS alerts are a Pro feature). Any lead that comes into that bot would email the recipients with the entire bot transcript and all visitor details associated with the lead.
  • Setup Zapier integration which allows you to send all lead data captured from your bots to any other application they support (over 1000+ apps) automatically. This includes CRMs, email marketing tools and pretty much anywhere else you store/manage your leads. Manage your leads your way.
  • Download the free native mobile apps on your mobile devices so you can get an instant notification the second a new lead is captured. The entire lead is captured and you can view all of your past leads from the app at any time. Easily call or email that lead from the app as well.

The last thing you will want to make sure you do is to just add your amazing new ArtiBot to your website. When you are editing your bot, you will see an Install ArtiBot tab. Go there to see your options on how to get it added to your site. A little bit of copy/paste of Javascript and you’re done!

You’re ready now! You have your awesome new customized bot, it’s looking great on your website and you have set yourself up to get alerted of all these leads that are going to be rolling in. Let’s do this!

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