ArtiBot Adds SuperBots with Code Messages!

Introducing SuperBots - Chatbot apps

Ever have an amazing chatbot idea that you just can’t make with other platforms and their limitations?

Have no fear, SuperArti is here to change all that!

The ArtiBot API allows you to develop and execute custom code arbitrarily to process user input in a custom way.

This allows for limitless possibilities like:

  • dynamic branching
  • a/b testing different conversation flows
  • looking up information in an external system
  • custom integrations
  • whatever else you can dream up!

Even if you can’t code yourself, we have some code templates that we will continue to add to so you can use the full potential of this feature.

Start by adding a code message to your chatbot.

A code message can either ask a question and then run your code on the input or skip asking a question entirely and simply run code on other inputs.

If you are skilled in development, you will want to go straight to the Code Options and Documentation to start programming.

Feel free to reach out to our head of success, Robert ( ) to tell us what you’re working on!

For those who want to use Code Messages, but don’t know too much about code, you can use the templates we have created by clicking the little page icon.

After clicking on the templates, they will appear including a Zillow integration and chatbot that can log Google Analytic events. We are constantly adding to these so if you have an idea send it over to!

By adding code messages, your chatbot’s potential is limitless. You can branch based on different values, integrate with most softwares, and create amazing chatbots.

Create your 100% free SuperBot anytime at

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