ArtiBot Adds New Date/Time Picker and Address Question Types

Chatbot that collects addresses

One of our favorite things to do with ArtiBot is to add useful features for all of our users. This week we added two awesome additions to the conversation flow.

The New Address Field Type

First up is the ability to add an address question type in your bot conversation.

Just like when you add any other question type, you can completely customize the experience. Choose which field of the address you want/need and even provide drop down menus showing a list of U.S. states or a countries for the user to choose from. The “hint” text inside each field can also be modified and easily localized to any language.

Here is what the above settings will look like in your bot on your website.

Now you’ll be able to do things like gather the location of a venue or get the address of a home all from inside your bot, all without needing to ask multiple questions. It’s easy, it’s efficient, it’s ArtiBot.

The New Date/Time Calendar & Time Picker

Next up is the new Date/Time Field Type. Before we could only give you a question that you’d ask them when you want to know the day OR time of an event and they’d have to manually answer. We found those answers could be vague and unhelpful so to make it more precise and more fun to use, we updated the question type for Date and Time. It will still be apart of the Date Time Field Type.

However, now you’ll see Date/Time Options in the question editor area. Just two extra fields, but a powerful result.

When you enable Show Date Picker you are going to see a full calendar appear in the bot so visitors can choose a month and day to respond to your date question in the conversation where applicable. If you then enable Show Time Picker then below the calendar you will see a box where they can provide you with an exact time they’d like you to provide your service or meet up with them.

Now your visitors can be as precise as you want them to be when choosing a date for a service request or providing a date for their upcoming event.

Including both of these features in your bot will provide significantly more value to your lead all while providing an interactive experience for your visitors.

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